DMV Offenses and Point Values

The following is a partial list of traffic violations, showing the demerit points that are assigned to your driving record. If you have a Commercial Driver License, there are additional penalties for some violations and additional demerit points may be assigned.

Reckless Driving 8 Speeding
Careless Driving 6 1 – 10 mph over posted limit 1
Failure to give information or render aid at the scene of an accident 6 11 – 20 mph over posted limit 2
Following too closely 4 21 – 30 mph over posted limit 3
Failure to yield right-of-way 4 31 – 40 mph over posted limit 4
Passing a school bus when signals are flashing 4 41 mph or more over posted limit 5
Hand-held cellphone use or texting
  (2nd and subsequent offenses)
4 Prima Facie speed violation or driving too fast for the conditions 2
Disobeying a traffic signal or stop sign 4 See Violation Codes for a complete list
of offenses and points.
Impeding traffic, driving too slowly 2
Failure to dim headlights 2